Simplified Mac® Management

simplified mac management

Is there a simplified Mac® management solution available in the cloud? Due to the proliferation of Mac systems in the changing IT landscape, this question has been consuming a lot of time and energy for IT admins. As more Macs enter networks, the ability to manage them has become a priority.

The good news is that there is a simplified Mac management solution in the cloud that can securely manage Mac users and the systems themselves. We’ll dive into the advantages of this cloud-based solution for managing Macs in this blog post, but let’s discuss a few of the reasons why IT admins want a simplified Mac management solution in the first place.

Why Simplified Mac Management?

mac managementThe evolution of the IT market has changed how admins manage their infrastructure. Historically, IT networks used to be based on Microsoft® Windows® and hosted on-prem. This meant that IT admins could use solutions such as Microsoft Active Directory® (AD) for user management and SCCM® (formerly known as SMS) for device management. As a result, solutions such as these were effectively the only management tools IT organizations required, given the dominance of Windows in the workplace. However, as the IT network has expanded to include Windows, Mac®, and Linux®, those same Microsoft IT management tools have struggled. In short, that’s why IT admins are in search of a simplified Mac management solution.

Mac Management Challenges

policy management for modern infrastructureThe interesting part of the Mac management problem is that it isn’t just about managing the Mac systems themselves, but rather, integrating Macs completely into the IT environment. By comparison, IT admins have been able to tightly control user access to Windows systems with AD. They have also been able to set policies across those systems with AD features like GPOs (Group Policy Objects). Unfortunately, AD makes it difficult to apply the same concepts to non-Windows platforms. Consequently, for organizations leveraging AD, a large population of enterprise systems are generally left unmanaged, unless a complementary or alternative solution can be found.

Mitigating Mac Management Challenges

cloud IAMIn order (Read more...)

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