Serverless Security – What Are We Up Against? Our Session at Serverless Days TLV

Your serverless functions are probably the least secure compute service in your cloud environment.

Unfortunately, traditional application security solutions are unsuitable for serverless. In a talk at Serverless Days TLV last week, we presented the paradigm shift required for serverless application security, the risks, and mitigations. Amongst the covered topics in the talk:

  • How does a serverless attack looks like
  • Why traditional application security solutions are unsuitable
  • Live serverless hacking

Watch the video right here:


Ory Segal will be running this month 2 extraordinary webinars – the first one will be a joint session with Yan Cui- The Burning Monk, a serverless idol and a really clever guy. He and Ory will be discussing serverless security issues , demonstrate a real attack on a serverless function and have a live Q&A session. Save your spot here:

The second one is a joint session with Rupak Ganguli of Serverless Inc., who will interview Ory on how the security compliance factor looks like, what security measures need to enforced and more fascinating topics. So save your spot here:

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