Security Boulevard’s 5 Most Read Stories for the Week, May 7-May 11

A new week, a new crop of security stories. Last week, numbers ruled, as three ways of DevSecOps, seven craziest IoT device hacks, seven scary stats about GDPR noncompliance and two actively exploited zero-day vulnerabilities made headlines. Also, we offered some insight on how to detect bad actors early in the kill chain. Missed out on any of the news? Here are the five most-read stories on Security Boulevard to help you out.

Early in the Kill Chain

Detecting Bad Actors Early in the Kill Chain

Disrupting the kill chain before attackers reach their goalCybersecurity borrows a lot of terms and tactics from the military, and kill chain is one such term used to describe the steps an attacker takes to perform a breach. Malware attacks are among the most prevalent threats that enterprises face, and ...
Ways of DevSecOps

The 3 Ways of DevSecOps (Part 1)

Have you read “The Phoenix Project“? If you haven’t, you should! It mirrors the method used by Goldratt in “The Goal,” first published in 1984. It’s a story, not a textbook. The Phoenix Project will help you understand the problems that arise in the way software is being built and deployed ...
Microsoft Patches Two Actively Exploited Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

Microsoft Patches Two Actively Exploited Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

Microsoft fixed 67 vulnerabilities across its products May 8, including two vulnerabilities that were already being exploited in the wild.The most serious and urgent issue was a remote code execution vulnerability in the Windows VBScript engine tracked as CVE-2018-8174. This flaw was found by researchers from Qihoo 360 last month ...

The 7 Craziest IoT Device Hacks

| | Hacking, iot, security
Internet of Things (IoT) botnets have forever changed cyber-security. When an IoT botnet – which is a group of internet-connected computers, appliances or devices that have been co-opted to launch a cyber-attack – is unleashed, the results can be devastating. Nearly any internet-connected device can be considered an IoT device ...
Stats About GDPR Noncompliance

7 Scary Stats About GDPR Noncompliance

We’re just about at T-minus two weeks until the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline hits and consensus is that there are many, many organizations that haven’t even started working on compliance, let alone are in full compliance at this point. The fact is that when May 25 hits, ...
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The Next Generation of Application Security

The Next Generation of Application Security

Application security is usually done by finding, fixing and preventing vulnerabilities, with an emphasis on finding solutions to prevent cybersecurity events in the future. However, many of the breaches we’re seeing are caused by a vulnerability related to the application, often because developers move so quickly to push out new code. AppSec promises to become ... Read More
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