Prefs Secure(Nettrans.exe) Adware– How to Remove It from Your PC

This article aims to explain what is the Nettrans.exe adware and how to remove it completely from your computer plus how to stop advertisements from appearing in the future as well.

A program, imitating the original process, called nettrans.exe, which belongs to software, known as Network Monitor, has been reported to be associated with various different advertisements and a slow performance of the computers the process has been installed on. Another name it is also associated with it is called Prefs Secure which is believed to be associated with some sort of security preferences. Either way, the sole purpose of this potentially unwanted program is to establish connections to third-party websites each hour or so and display advertisements on your computer, which can result in a lot of negative consequences. This is the main reason to read this article and learn how to remove this program from your computer and stop any advertisements in association with it.

Threat Summary

NamePrefs Secure
TypeAd-supported software.
Short DescriptionConnects to a remote host to which it transfers information and also displays third-party advertisements.
SymptomsMay display various third-party advertisements on your computer which may slow it down. Nettrans.exe runs in the background of your computer.
Distribution MethodBundled downloads. Web pages which may advertise it.
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Nettrans.exe – How Did I Get It

There are several ways via which this software could have wound up in your computer. The main one of those is if this program has been installed on your PC as a result of software bundling. This means that the Nettrans.exe software may be embedded in the installers (Read more...)

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