PayPal Virus and E-mail Scams – How to Remove Them from Your PC

This article has been created in order to explain what is the PayPal e-mail scam and how to remove any malware, using PayPal to scam you.

A new wave of PayPal scam messages has been detected by security researchers. The messages are one of the many variations of PayPal scams out there and their end goals vary from getting you to open a malicious e-mail attachment towards getting you to write your Credit Card details on a fake PayPal web page, which resembles the real deal. Many people have been reported to have had their information stolen from PayPal related scams and they are become more widespread and of different types as we have tracked them over time. If you believe that your information has been stolen or your computer has been infected as a result of a PayPal scam e-mail, we advise that you read the following article to learn how to remove any malware that may reside on your computer and how to make sure that you stop such e-mails in the future as well.

Threat Summary

NamePayPal Scams and Malware
TypePhishing, PUP, malware
Short DescriptionFake PayPal e-mails that aim to trick you into either getting scammed out of your funds or into downloading a malicious e-mail attachments.
SymptomsVery well disguised fake PayPal messages, pretending to be the real deal.
Distribution MethodVia spoof or disposable e-mails.
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PayPal E-Mail Malware and Scams – What Types Are There

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