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OneLogin CompetitionIn the average organization, IT admins believe their company uses around 50 cloud services; in reality, it’s closer to 1,000 (Cisco). It’s not a surprise, then, that the web application single sign-on (SSO) market is a highly competitive, active market. From afar, it is interesting to see the various players, including OneLogin and Okta, battling it out in the first generation IDaaS (Identity-as-a-Service) market. But these days, OneLogin competition isn’t just limited to Okta, and now includes Google, AWS®,  Microsoft®, and many others.

As you can see, the identity management market has recently started to heat up. Since there’s a good chance that about 1,000 cloud services are not under IT’s control in the average IT environment, the most active and critical category in the space has been web application SSO. Okta and OneLogin may have pioneered this cloud driven web app SSO approach, but the competition has been fierce with major giants coming into the market. Why are the major tech giants joining an already crowded market?

OneLogin Competition – Racing to Own Identities

SSO SAMLThe reason is that these major companies want to own an organization’s identities and leverage that to lock in customers to their platform. For example, take Google Cloud Identity. With this IDaaS platform, Google wants you to leverage it so that you have an easier time controlling access to G Suite, Google Cloud Platform, and a few, select web applications. In another instance, Microsoft® would have you use the Azure® Active Directory® web SSO features to lock you in to Office 365. With AWS, they would have you leverage their credentials to access other web applications. Their goal isn’t to necessarily provide you with open platforms and broad choice, but rather to use SSO features as a reason to have your core identities within their platform.

OneLogin competition involves all of these organizations, and that is a tough fight for them. But, all of this competition makes it difficult for IT organizations to figure out which solution is (Read more...)

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