Instagram Scam Guide — How to Detect and Evade Them

This article has been created in order to help you by explaining to you how to remove the Instagram Scam which can be encountered via email messages.

Our Instagram scam guide reveals all popular social engineering tactics that are used on the popular network. We reveal some of the top trending schemes that can both extract sensitive information from the victims or hijack their money — both real currency and cryptocurrency. Continue reading to learn how to protect yourself.

Threat Summary

Type Scam
Short DescriptionThe Instagram scams aim to access sensitive data, money or cryptocurrency assets by using complex social engineering tricks.
SymptomsProfiles or messages that offer various lucrative proposals to the targets.
Distribution MethodInstagram and other related mobile apps .
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Instagram Scam #1 — The Modelling Job

A legitimate Instagram profile.  Credits to @stephanytattdevil

A legitimate Instagram profile.
Credits to @stephanytattdevil

Instagram and other social media networks have created an entire new marketing platform that is heavily used by influencers and agencies to promote services and products. As a consequence social engineering scams proliferate across the platform. One of the most popular Instagram scams is known as the “Modelling Job” and it is mostly targeted to teenagers and college students. Hijacked profiles of models with many followers or fake copies usually message the targets and attempt to manipulate them by offering the job opportunities. The Instagram profiles that are used by the criminals instruct the targets that they need to skype either with them or their clients. The fake profiles can spam the recipients with many photos and videos as “proof” until they agree to do so. Once the Skype call is initiated the targets are manipulated into undressing (Read more...)

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