How Private Is Pornhub’s New VPNhub Service? Will It Sell Your Data?

Pornhub is launching a VPN service with free, unlimited bandwidth to improve the privacy of its users. The service is called VPNhub and the apps for iOS and Android are already available for download, with Windows and MacOS apps for premium subscribers.

Enjoy the pleasure of protection with VPNhub. With full data encryption and guaranteed anonymity, go with the most trusted VPN to protect your privacy anywhere in the world”, VPNhub’s website says.

More about VPNhub

According to privacy watchdogs, a VPN service for Pornhub is more than logical, as we live in times when some governments are leaning towards regulating adult content online. Unlimited bandwidth, however, is not typical for your average VNP service but is once again logical for Pornhub as it is primarily a website for streaming videos. On top of that, users are welcome to browse other websites besides Pornhub as well.

How Private Is VPNhub?

There’s of course an option for premium subscription for the most hardcore fans of the adult website (pun intended). The premium version provides faster speeds, eliminates ads, and opens up servers from a wide range of countries, as explained in the website’s FAQ. Typically, there is a free trial of 7 days. The service is available on a global scale but is unavailable in countries that the U.S. bans companies from working in, like Cuba, Iran, and North Korea.

It all sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Users who carefully read privacy policies will inevitably notice something a bit awkward. Of course, Pornhub first promises to “never store, collect, sell, or transmit your personal info to third parties,” which you would expect from any (Read more...)

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