GravityRAT Trojan – How to Detect and Remove It from Windows

This article has been created in order to help you to learn what is the GravityRAT remote access Trojan and how to remove this malware completely from your computer plus protect your PC against future infections as well.

A new Trojan horse has been detected by security researchers. The malware’s primary purpose is to infiltrate while remaining unnoticed in victim PC’s. Named GravityRAT, the Trojan aims to control your computer from distance, something that is very similar to a remote control. Only that remote control is in the hands of the cyber-criminals. Such an infection may enable GravityRAT to do all sorts of malicious things to your PC, including stealing your data, passwords and even important files, plus the malware may also infect your PC with all sorts of other malicious applications as well. If your PC has been affected by this malicious application, you should read the following article and learn how to remove this Trojan and secure your PC.

Threat Summary

TypeRemote Access Trojan (RAT)
Short DescriptionAims to remain undetected for long periods of time on your computer after which may do what the operator wants it to do (steal data, take screenshots, etc.).
SymptomsYour computer may start to behave in a weird manner. You may notice new and strange files or processes running in the background.
Distribution MethodVia malicious e-email attachments, fake setups, web links or other objects.
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GravityRAT – Distribution Methods

In order to be infect the computers of unsuspecting users, the GravityRAT may engage in multiple different infection activities, the main of which is believed to be via spam e-mail messages. Such messages often (Read more...)

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