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Today is World Password Day, and in honor of better security everywhere, we have 5 tips that will improve password security and keep your business better protected.  

Forgotten passwords and password hacking can lead to lost time and money for small business owners. In fact, our research on small businesses shows that only 38% of devices in the workplace have adequate password complexity. And, according to a Pew research report, “almost two-fifths of Americans admit that they generally use passwords that are either the same or very similar to each other, in an attempt to make them easier to remember.”

Adding to the technical complexity of navigating so many different apps and cloud services, SMBs usually also have to deal with outside hardware and software that individual employees bring in.  

To protect your business, insist on strong passwords, and follow these 5 tips:

  1. Make every password complex and unique.
  2. Have employees use 2-factor authentication when it’s available. That way, even if their password is compromised, their account won’t necessarily be.
  3. Use a password manager, which remembers every password so you (and your employees) don’t have to. Avast Password Manager is a terrific option.
  4. If there’s been a breach, be extra safe and have your employees change their passwords immediately.
  5. Require that anyone working remotely must use a VPN, especially anyone using open Wi-Fi.

Given the risks out there for data breaches and hacking attempts on small businesses (yes, SMBs are targets too!), we recommend you give serious attention to password management. There are easy tools you can deploy that will increase the security of your company. Cybercriminals work round the clock to crack into your database, so set a defensive system in place that also works round the clock to protect you.

With Avast Business Pro Plus, you get a password manager, a VPN, and antivirus protection. The password manager not only helps your employees keep all their passwords strong and secure, but it also stores them all. Say goodbye to passwords scribbled on Post-It notes and stuck to the monitor. Avast Business Pro Plus ups your security game all around, and gives your business  the level of protection it deserves.

Give Avast Business Pro Plus a try and let us know what you think.



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