FastDataX.exe Trojan Malware – How to Remove It

This article has been created in order to explain what is the FastDataX.exe file and how to remove the FastDataX.exe Trojan from your PC.

A Trojan, pretending to be a setup of a program has been recently detected by malware researchers to infect computers and then exchange information from the infected computer to the host of the hacker. The information is encrypted and researchers are not sure what information is exchanged, but one thing is for sure – the information is likely important for the victim, such as passwords, keystrokes typed and even financial details. If you have seen the FastDataX.exe fake installer file, it is strongly recommended to remove this Trojan horse from your computer system and to protect your PC, preferably by using the information in this article.

Threat Summary

NameFastDataX.exe Trojan
TypeTrojan Horse/Infostealer
Short DescriptionInfects your computer silently after which connects to a remote host and begins to transfer information from your PC.
SymptomsNo symptoms, but an unusual OUT type of traffic and the file FastDataX.exe in the %Temp% directory of your PC.
Distribution MethodPosing as a fake installer or via other malware.
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FastDataX.exe Trojan – Distribution Methods

In order to infect victims, the FastDataX.exe Trojan may pretend to be a legitimate type of program, whose installer is uploaded online. Such programs may pretend to be something related to:

  • System optimizers.
  • Data connection optimizers.
  • Some type of improvement software to speed up your computer.
  • A driver installer.

The FastDataX.exe Trojan may not even have anything related to the file, since your computer may also become infected as (Read more...)

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