Endpoint Attacks and Medical Management

Endpoint attacks on medical management has become common today. Learn about some tips that can help you increase the security on such devices.

Ponemon recently created a report in which they demonstrated how attacks on the healthcare industry aren’t only prevalent but they’re also quite costly. This is especially true of “endpoint” attacks, which are known to cost the industry as much as $1.38 billion annually. In fact, over half of all healthcare organizations, today admit they’ve experienced an endpoint attack in which the hacker was successful. This is why it’s so important to look at an attack’s scope and cost, as well as how it affects almost every industry and business imaginable today.

How Modern Endpoint Attacks Have Changed from Yesteryear

Today’s modern endpoint attacks have drastically changed from the IT days of yesteryear because today everyone has become an endpoint. This is especially true in the way they relate to the healthcare field. Here doctors, associates, administrators, patients in portals with their embedded devices (e.g. pacemakers), and even diagnostic devices (e.g. MRI machines) are now endpoints. This is because each of these entities processes healthcare information in a completely new way today. All these things grow even more omnipresent due to IT consumerization and the endpoint where you’re storing your data. This means it’s time to spend some time rethinking your strategy.

According to the FDA cybersecurity for medical devices is a responsibility that everyone must share – healthcare facilities, patients, providers, and medical device manufacturers. When anyone in this chain of “actors” fails to maintain their part in the cybersecurity network any number of negative impacts may occur, including compromised device functionality; loss of both medical and personal data availability and integrity; and exposing other connected devices and networks to security threats. (Read more...)

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