Cylance and JASK: Delivering a Single Information Source

The Cylance Axiom Alliances Program is a community of cybersecurity solution providers working together to deliver a prevention-first approach to security.

Unlike other ecosystems built around the assumption of compromise, Axiom vendors are committed to using AI to continuously prevent adversaries from harming organizations by delivering added security controls that, when combined, minimize an organization’s attack surface and enable swift action across the organization’s entire environment, whether it be on-premises, IoT devices, hosted, or public cloud.

Cylance and JASK

Cylance and JASK formed a technology alliance that integrates two best in class, AI-driven technologies that deliver an unprecedented level of protection and insights, representing the evolution of future SOC requirements.

Value Statement

The integration between Cylance and JASK allows joint customers to ingest Cylance Threat Event, Alert, Threat Classification and Audit logs into JASK, offering improved context and visibility.

For example, the ability to autonomously bring together Cylance data about malware on an endpoint with information about malicious application behavior presented in JASK’s ASOC platform provides unprecedented insights and actionable intelligence without the manual work required today.

The Cylance-JASK technology alliance is a seamless integration founded on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Individually, the two companies are committed to simplifying the actions needed to keep an enterprise secure, uninterrupted, and functioning at its core business mission.

Jointly addressing the goal to simplify starts with a prevention-first strategy that can make accurate decisions on attacks. Cylance technology communicates a signal-rich feed to JASK’s Autonomous Security Operations Platform which allows the analyst’s tasks to be focused, confident, and rewarding.

While analysts sleep, Cylance technology and JASK work collaboratively to make preventative decisions and uncover interesting changes within the endpoint, network, users, or logs.

CylancePROTECT® is not an average endpoint protection platform. JASK ASOC is not an average security operations platform. (Read more...)

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