Cloud Hosted Mac® Management

Cloud Hosted Mac Management

The time has come for IT admins to adopt cloud hosted Mac® management solutions. Why? Because Mac systems are flooding the enterprise in droves, with many Fortune 500 companies deploying thousands. Using any old Mac management solution isn’t enough, though. It needs to be hosted in the cloud because IT organizations want to take advantage of the cost savings, productivity, and efficiencies that the cloud has to offer.

The good news is that a cloud hosted Mac management solution exists, and it’s called JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service®. In fact, JumpCloud’s system management capabilities rival what many are used to with Windows systems and legacy solutions like Microsoft® Active Directory® and System Center Configuration Manager® (SCCM). So, let’s examine these rival solutions a little bit more closely before we discuss JumpCloud any further. Doing so will illuminate their weaknesses and the benefits IT admins gain by leveraging Mac management from the cloud with our cloud-based directory service.

The Start of System Management

old officeAs most in IT know, Macs actually have a notorious reputation for being difficult to manage. However, this is largely due to the leading system and user management platforms in place at most organizations – Active Directory and SCCM.

When both of these solutions emerged in the 1990’s, Microsoft Windows® was, of course, the most dominant desktop operating system (OS) and platform in the 1990s and 2000s. Microsoft wanted to keep their dominance in the desktop OS market, so they built AD and SCCM to work best with Windows systems. These IT tools worked very well, and when it came to managing fleets of Windows machines, Active Directory and SCCM made life a whole lot easier for IT admins.

As a result, IT admins encouraged (or even required) end users to use Windows machines and applications. Fast forward to the mid 2000’s and most companies were using almost all Windows products with Active Directory and SCCM managing them in the background.  

Mac Resurgence Introduces Challenges

Mac workerBut, over time, Macs started to become more popular. We can attribute the resurgence to form factor, design, (Read more...)

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