Unified Access Management for Cloud Servers

unified access management for cloud servers

A new marketing term is being thrown about in the identity and access management space. To many IT admins it is unclear what this term means and what it covers. This new key term is called unified access management, and many can’t help but wonder how this will improve identity management in their environment. For instance, will it help to create unified access management for cloud servers?

Well, not all vendors offering unified access management are created equal. So, let’s take a look at what IT organizations would like unified access management to be.   

An Ideal Unified Access Management Solution

While, the concept of unified access management can vary by analyst and vendor,  IT admins have a distinct view of what they believe encompasses a unified access management solution. Simply put, IT organizations are looking for a cloud identity management platform that securely manages and connects user identities to the IT resources those users need, whether that means systems, applications, files, or networks. It must also be able to do it regardless of platform, provider, protocol, and location. In other words, IT organizations are looking for One Identity to Rule Them All®.

Unfortunately, that’s not the definition that many solutions are adopting for unified access management. Some vendors are really focused on web and on-prem applications. These first generation IDaaS platforms, or web app single sign-on tools, are now looking to include on-prem applications, and that’s what they define unified access management as.

While that is a worthy effort, it is not enough. Admins want unified access to mean access to all of the aforementioned resources, not just applications. Another core area of interest for IT admins and DevOps engineers is user management for cloud servers, such as those hosted at AWS® or Google Cloud Platform™. This is just another need that can’t be addressed with web app SSO. The ideal scenario is to leverage a user’s core identity not just for cloud server access, but access to everything else as well.

Challenges with Cloud Servers

Of course, historically, IT organizations have not been (Read more...)

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