Uncle Sam is Looking for Cybersecurity Professionals

Uncle Sam’s I Want You for U.S. Army poster from World War 1 is an iconic piece of Americana. Well, a century has passed since then, and now Uncle Sam isn’t looking to recruit Doughboys, but cybersecurity professionals instead.

It makes perfect sense: as time goes on, less warfare will be conducted with firearms and bombs, and more warfare will be conducted by breaching firewalls with logic bomb malware. That’s what the 21st century is all about.

The National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service released a request for information (PDF) on February 16th, which said:

“Congress has specifically directed the Commission to consider… United States youth, including an increased propensity for military service; (3) the feasibility and advisability of modifying the military selective service process in order to obtain for military, national, and public service individuals with skills (such as medical, dental, and nursing skills, language skills, cyber skills, and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) skills) for which the Nation has a critical need, without regard to age or sex; and (4) the feasibility and advisability of including in the military selective service process, as so modified, an eligibility or entitlement for the receipt of one or more Federal benefits (such as educational benefits, subsidized or secured student loans, grants or hiring preferences) specified by the Commission for purposes of the review.”

In addition to considering the need to recruit more “troops with cyber skills,” the Commission wants to know why people choose to serve or to not serve, and if a draft to secure more critical talent is even feasible. From inspire2serve.gov:

“The Commission seeks to learn more about why people serve and why people may choose not to serve, as well as ways to increase the number of Americans in (Read more...)

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