The Foundation of IT: The Identity Provider

The Foundation of IT The Identity Provider

We often hear the phrase, “Work on what is important, not necessarily urgent.” IT organizations know this axiom all too well. In a business that is highly interruption driven and reactive, IT admins are craving a better way to control their work lives and the infrastructures that they manage. Unfortunately, this is a massive challenge for virtually all IT organizations because end users are demanding tools and technology to make their lives easier; the business is searching for ways to increase speed and reduce costs; and security and compliance issues are a reality for every organization. As a result, there may be no place in IT where working on the foundation is more critical than in the identity management world. For that reason, this blog post will focus on the foundation of IT: the identity provider.

Why are Identity Providers Important?

The Foundation of IT: The Identity ProviderThe consequences of mistakes in the identity and access management strategy can be catastrophic. To add fuel to the fire, identity theft and breaches, compliance failures, and unprotected digital assets are more common than ever before. Unfortunately at the same time, the reality in this sector is that it is often easier to focus on the symptoms of issues rather than the root causes because it often solves the immediate pain.

Acquiring a web application single sign-on solution to solve the pain of end users accessing a wide range of SaaS applications is an easy example. Adding an LDAP server in AWS® to manage user access to Linux® cloud servers is another. Or, perhaps Mac® and Windows® systems go unmanaged because it is too difficult to implement Microsoft® Active Directory® in a modern, cloud forward environment. Of course, identity management didn’t use to work that way a long time ago. Nevertheless, with all of these heterogeneous IT resources and more at play, each generally requiring siloed management solutions, it is easy to see why a consolidated identity management platform (also known as, an identity provider) would be helpful.

Identity Management with a Traditional Identity Provider

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