The 4 Critical Ways to Get the Best Cloud Data Protection

When sensitive data leaves a business and enters the cloud, the risk for mistakes and breaches amplifies. When it comes to cloud security, there are four critical components your cloud security solution must have. 1. A Trustworthy Gatekeeper Beyond Your Walls Cloud solutions must ensure companies maintain the highest level of data security. Not all cloud solutions offer the same protection and compliance. Your solution must perform according to your business needs. With CipherCloud’s CASB+, enterprises can quickly deploy and configure deep data security and compliance across any SaaS or PaaS application. Our patented, industry leading application data protection technology combines with our powerful CASB capabilities to bring the highest level of cloud protection, including: • Deep visibility • End-to-end data security • Advanced threat protection • Comprehensive industry and local compliance capabilities CASB+ helps organizations accelerate cloud adoption and ensure their sensitive data is always secure, no matter where it resides – from collaboration tools to business systems, to custom SaaS applications. The CipherCloud CASB+ platform not only provides strong security controls across any cloud application, it also simplifies and enforces local and industry-related compliance. Today’s diversity of cloud applications mean attack surface and threat vectors are ever increasing. The slightest misconfiguration of cloud security settings can expose data to breach and theft, as seen with recent high-profile incidents. In fact, it’s almost impossible for companies to simultaneously protect sensitive data and manage strict regulatory and local compliance requirements. 2. Reliable Cloud Protection Regardless of Provider Your solution must be compatible and reliable in all environments. The newly introduced AnyApp capability, included in the CASB+ platform, allows customers to integrate powerful protection capabilities for sensitive data within their own custom cloud applications – with any cloud provider. There is no need to integrate SDK’s or re-engineer applications. That means regardless of the cloud provider, custom applications will protect sensitive data at all phases of its life-cycle – in transit, in the cloud, and on users’ devices. Here are just some of its powerful protection capabilities: • Individual field-level data encryption • Tokenization or masking • Dynamic access control • Data loss prevention and DRM CipherCloud can retrofit all of these capabilities to existing applications that migrate to the cloud, without affecting the user experience or the application’s functionality. Recent security incidents demonstrate that custom applications can leave sensitive data unprotected which can elevate to a breach. Such breaches can now be an issue of the past with the CipherCloud CASB+ platform and AnyApp capability. 3. Applications That Always Function When it comes to cloud security there are two key considerations: security and functionality. You must have both. CASB+ seamlessly supports popular business cloud applications with built-in application connectors such as SAP SuccessFactors, ServiceNow, Salesforce, AdobeⓇ, BoxⓇ, DropBoxⓇ, and Office365Ⓡ . All of this happens while preserving function, protecting your data, and ensuring compliance – above and beyond what the SaaS application provides. PaaS ecosystem applications, offered in each provider’s marketplace, are also protected. This provides customers greater control and visibility over the data that is shared with these third-party PaaS providers. The CipherCloud CASB+ platform offers the following flexible deployment choices: • On-premise deployment • Cloud-based deployment • Hybrid deployment 4. Data Compliance As enterprises have more widely used the cloud across many industries, the need to comply with worldwide data regulations is a necessity. Companies in heavily regulated industries, such as oil and gas, financial, pharmaceutical, healthcare and the public sector are increasingly faced with stringent data privacy and data residency regulations. That’s why multinational customers realize immediate value with the power and flexibility of CASB+. Even better, it supports a broad diversity of compliance requirements and protects organizations with multiple regulatory and geographic-based compliance restrictions. Groundbreaking hybrid deployment supports the requirements of the European Community General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), HIPAA, PCI and many others. Enterprises can now safely choose any cloud application that meets their business needs. What’s more, they can manage one integrated deployment for global data-centric cloud security across multiple countries, specific industries and sectors – even with different compliance requirements for data privacy, data protection, data sovereignty, and data residency. Finally, CipherCloud CASB+ supports any combination of customer-controlled keys for multiple applications. Configurations can include one or more on-premise key management systems. About CipherCloud A leader in cloud security, CipherCloud provides powerful end-to-end protection for data residing in the cloud. Our award-winning cloud access security broker delivers comprehensive visibility, data security, threat protection and compliance for cloud-based assets. CipherCloud immediately solves challenging cloud security and compliance problems with the deepest levels of data protection and real-time data access control. CipherCloud’s ground breaking CASB+ platform unifies cloud security and application data protection in a single platform. The world’s largest global enterprises and government institutions in over twenty-five countries protect and secure their cloud information with CipherCloud. For more information go to Download CipherCloud Now – Sign Up For Your Free Trial

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