Shimmytoons: Multi-Factor Authentication

bob reselmanI am happy to unveil our newest series, “Shimmytoons.” This first one is titled, “Multi-Factor Authentication.”

For those who follow, you may know that one of our most popular features is our RoelBob series of cartoons. For Security Boulevard, we wanted to take cartoons to the next level. Working with Bob Reselman (who is a genius) and his merry band of talented folks, we came up with Shimmytoons.

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What is better than a cartoon? An animation, of course. Here is our first animation, courtesy of Bob and his team. It pokes fun at multi-factor authentication and the whole password/lost password experience. We have all been there and know how much fun that can be.

Like RoelBob, these are meant for those of us a bit on the geeky side and with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. They’re not meant to be offensive to anyone; just a look at our world.

Stay tuned for new animations in the near future. We are already working on the next one. Also, look for more innovative and new content coming from Bob and his team.

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Alan Shimel

Throughout his career spanning over 25 years in the IT industry, Alan Shimel has been at the forefront of leading technology change. From hosting and infrastructure, to security and now DevOps, Shimel is an industry leader whose opinions and views are widely sought after.

Alan’s entrepreneurial ventures have seen him found or co-found several technology related companies including TriStar Web, StillSecure, The CISO Group, MediaOps, Inc., and the DevOps Institute. He has also helped several companies grow from startup to public entities and beyond. He has held a variety of executive roles around Business and Corporate Development, Sales, Marketing, Product and Strategy.

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Most recently Shimel saw the impact that DevOps and related technologies were going to have on the Software Development Lifecycle and the entire IT stack. He founded and then the DevOps Institute. is the leading destination for all things DevOps, as well as the producers of multiple DevOps events called DevOps Connect. DevOps Connect produces DevSecOps and Rugged DevOps tracks and events at leading security conferences such as RSA Conference, InfoSec Europe and InfoSec World. The DevOps Institute is the leading provider of DevOps education, training and certification.

Alan has a BA in Government and Politics from St Johns University, a JD from New York Law School and a lifetime of business experience. His legal education, long experience in the field, and New York street smarts combine to form a unique personality that is always in demand to appear at conferences and events.

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