Security Boulevard’s 5 Most Read Stories for the Week, April 23-27

A new week, a new crop of security stories. Last week, an Internet Explorer Zero-Day Exploit, mobile workforce security issues, a patch for “Drupalgeddon” and the Necurs Botnet made headlines. Also, we offered some insight into the danger of outsourcing cybersecurity to foreign-based firms. Missed out on any of the news? Here are the five most-read stories on Security Boulevard to help you out.

Outsourcing Cybersecurity to Foreign-Based Firms

The Danger in Outsourcing Cybersecurity to Foreign-Based Firms

Sending cybersecurity work offshore isn’t just a bad idea for individual organizations; it can be a security issue.Facing a severe shortage of qualified cybersecurity workers—the InfoSec unemployment rate is expected to be zero until at least 2021—many organizations have no choice but to outsource at least some of their cybersecurity ...
Get Ready for Another Critical Drupal Patch Related to Drupalgeddon2

Get Ready for Another Critical Drupal Patch Related to Drupalgeddon2

Developers of the popular Drupal content management system plan to release a critical out-of-band patch April 25 that’s related to the actively exploited Drupalgeddon2 vulnerability fixed late last month.“There will be a security release of Drupal 7.x, 8.4.x, and 8.5.x on April 25th, 2018 between 16:00 – 18:00 UTC,” the ...
Large Necurs Botnet Uses New Spam Detection Evasion Trick

Large Necurs Botnet Uses New Spam Detection Evasion Trick

Necurs, one of the largest and long-lived spam botnets that’s still in operation today, has received an update that could help it evade spam filters.The new trick, observed by researchers from Trend Micro, consists of spam emails with .zip attachments that contain files with the .URL extension. Many email providers ...
Confronting Mobile Security Issues

Confronting Security Issues in Today’s Mobile Workforce

Mobile allows users to work from anywhere at any time, but the extended office demands modern approaches to extended securityWhether it’s the local library of the nearest Starbucks, most open-door establishments provide public Wi-Fi access to their patrons. Some users are merely shopping online or creeping their social networks; others ...

Internet Explorer Zero-Day Exploit Reportedly Exploited in Targeted Attacks

Researchers from Chinese internet security firm Qihoo 360 have uncovered a sophisticated targeted attack which, according to them, exploits an unpatched vulnerability in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser.The company made the announcement in a short Twitter message and said that it shared technical details about the flaw with Microsoft. A bit ...
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