Router Security Anyone? Users Widely Unaware of Router Security Risks

Not enough users are acquainted with the risks associated with their routers, and there’s a research that proves it. Broadband Genie researchers surveyed 2,205 people across the U.K. whether they had performed any router security hygiene like changing Wi-Fi passwords анд router admin passwords, or updating their routers’ firmware. The answers were staggering but perhaps not that surprising after all.

What researchers found out is that “there are potentially millions of home Wi-Fi hubs left vulnerable because many people are not making use of key features in their home broadband routers”.

Apparently, 82% of the survey participants never took the time to change their admin passwords, which is considered a high risk factor as the default passwords are often insecure and shared across all routers of the particular brand or model range. Many users have never updated the firmware of their routers. This means that their routers are unpatched making them vulnerable to attacks and exploits.

The most concerning finding however is that 51% of the surveyed users have never done anything of the security measures mentioned earlier. This leaves them open to a range of security issues that could affect their broadband and any devices connected to their routers.

These 2,205 users were also asked whether they have left their router security to chance.

48% said they did not know why they would need to make these changes, while 34% said they didn’t know how, the researchers said. A small percentage of these users said they could not find clear instructions on how to perform these tasks.

This suggests that as well as patching security holes and upgrading hardware when it becomes outdated, broadband ISPs should (Read more...)

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