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The web application SSO (single sign-on) space is extremely active with a number of excellent solutions. Even still, many IT admins are looking for alternatives and thinking about what the right long-term solutions are for their cloud identity management strategy. Thus, a common question many IT admins are asking is, “What are some replacements to OneLogin  web app SSO?”

That’s a great question. With all of the changes going on in the identity and access management (IAM) space, you just might be pleasantly surprised at the modern solutions that are now available. So, let’s quickly recap how the IAM market has transformed over the last two decades. Then, we’ll discuss why IT organizations are looking for replacements to web-app SSO solutions.

The Last Two Decades in the IAM Space

Microsoft® Active Directory® (AD) paved the path for the IAM market. AD emerged in 1999 when the IT landscape was dominated by Microsoft IT resources like Windows®, Exchange®, Office®, Windows Server®, and more. So it made sense that AD’s user and system management capabilities were built with these IT resources in mind. IT enjoyed a well managed environment for a time, but then this Microsoft ecosystem experienced a crack when Salesforce®, one of the first enterprise focused web-based applications, surfaced.

This non-Microsoft web-based resource defied everything Active Directory was used to managing. Salesforce worked so well that it eventually led to an explosion of web applications. When this happened, IT organizations were challenged with providing users controlled, secure, and efficient access to these web apps. Eventually, IT’s desire for better management culminated in the creation of a new category – sometimes called web application SSO, but often also referred to as IDaaS or identity-as-a-service.

Options for Web App SSO

A number of SSO providers have emerged over the years, with some becoming quite large companies. This interest in the IDaaS market has also sparked the tech titans – Amazon, Google, and Microsoft – to create solutions for web application single sign-on.

So, for IT organizations that (Read more...)

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