Protect Your Genius and Visit Bromium at RSAC 2018

  • RSAC is coming and we have big plans for you!
  • Visit our booth in the South Hall (#641).
  • Get our huge report, Into the Web of Profit and hear our independent researcher, Dr. Mike McGuire speak in session on Friday at 9am.

We demos and meetings and food and fun for RSA Conference this year and we hope you participate in all that’s happening. We even have two Easter eggs at the booth that we think is maybe a trade show booth first!

We challenge you to Protect Your Genius.

DevOps Connect:DevSecOps @ RSAC 2022

There’s nothing worse than when your ideas get stolen. We’re here to help. From your personal projects to your company’s intellectual property, Bromium can protect what’s yours. Find out how at RSAC this year.

Watch a demo in our booth (641 in the back of South Hall) and you’ll qualify to take home one of our gorgeous t-shirts (see video below). A Bromium demo will help you understand how virtualization-based security works as we show you how we contain malware and just let it run – grabbing the kill-chain information so you can get a Breachless Threat Report™. (Challenge: make sure to look at the front and back of our booth and see if you can spot the two Easter Eggs based on our booth last year!)

Meet with our execs. We’ll have Ian Pratt, co-founder of Bromium, on site along with our CEO, Gregory Webb and other members of our exec staff. It’s easy to book a meeting.

Attend our speaking session. Dr. Mike McGuire, author of Into the Web of Profit, will be speaking at 9am on Friday (and also in our booth). Registered RSA participants can reserve a spot for his talk.

Get the free report. Into the Web of Profit will be released on Friday, April 20th. Reserve a copy today and we’ll send it to you electronically on the 20th.

Not going to RSA? We’d still love to talk to you. Please contact us and we can set up a time to chat.

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