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okta competitorOkta® is one of the hottest new companies on the public stock market. As an Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) provider, Okta has made a name for themselves in the web application single sign-on (SSO) market. As Okta continues to chase the enterprise market, is there an Okta competitor worthy of consideration? What factors do IT organizations need to consider when comparing the Okta competition? Has there been any new innovation in the identity management space?

These are some great questions, and answering them requires a look at how the identity management market has evolved. So, let’s take a look at how the identity management space started. Then we’ll take a look at the opportunity that drove Okta to pioneer the first generation Identity-as-a-Service market or what is commonly known as web app SSO.

Identity Management Beginnings

virtual identityThe identity management market didn’t really take off until Microsoft® introduced Active Directory® in 1999. Active Directory was built to manage on-prem, Windows-based IT resources, and since this is what most IT networks were based on in the late 1990s, AD became an instant hit. Shortly after, though, web applications started to appear, and some IT organizations started to leverage them.

The thing is, web-based applications aren’t on-prem and they aren’t Microsoft-based. So, AD had a challenging time controlling and managing user access to this new IT resource. The result? A new generation of identity and access management solution was born.

Web App SSO Solutions Take Off – Including Okta

Called web application single sign-on, this identity management category first appeared as an on-prem category that was tightly integrated with Active Directory. Okta entered into the space shortly after, but they shifted the concept of web app SSO from being on-prem to the cloud. By this time, Google Apps (now known as G Suite) had been created, there was significant momentum to shift to web apps, and analysts started to call the web app SSO category, IDaaS.

A number of other web application SSO providers quickly followed Okta’s lead, and now even organizations such as Google, AWS® (Read more...)

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