Nykolas Z Updates Global Alternative DNS Speed Test to Include Cloudflare (

A while back, Medium blogger ‘Nykolas Z’ posted results from a globally distributed DNS resolver test to find the speediest provider (NOTE: speed is not the only consideration when choosing an alternative DNS provider). While the test methodology is not provided (the “scientific method” has yet to fully penetrate “cyber”) the data is provided…in in text form in <blockquote>s. O_o

While Nykolas ranked them, a visual comparison teases out some interesting differences between the providers. However, Cloudflare seems to be the clear winner (click/tap chart for larger version):

I’m going to give Cloudflare a few weeks to “settle in” and setup a series of geographically distributed RIPE Atlas probes for them and the others on the list Nykolas provided, then measure them with the same probe sets and frequencies for a few months and report back.

Some enterprising internet explorers have already begun monitoring (that link may take a few seconds to show data since it performs a live search; a screen shot of the first page of results is below).

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