Leveraging Identity Management for Modern IT

Leveraging Identity Management for Modern IT

IT organizations are busy. They’ve always been busy, but most IT admins would attest that the current environment is a different kind of busy. The challenge for IT organizations today is that there are more responsibilities coming at them than ever before. From HR requests, obsolescence, budgets, remote workers, and much more, there is a lot to keep track of. With that amount of workload, it can feel impossible to take on every request that comes across your desk. The most successful IT organizations are thinking strategically and prioritizing projects that make the biggest difference to their business. This ensures that critical tasks are getting taken care of. How are they doing this?

It all comes down to the tools that IT admins have at their disposal. There are an abundance of IT management resources out there to help with the job, but they are almost all predicated on one thing. The identity management tool. The identity management platform is one of the core tools in IT, but in many organizations it has been slowing admins workflows down. However, this doesn’t need to be the case. Identity management can actually be the driving force behind efficiency and modernization in IT. In this post, we will examine how IT organizations are leveraging identity management to modernize IT.

Growth in the Role of IT

IT used to be a cost center and a service organization to the rest of the business. In this role, IT admins were often viewed as the roadblock preventing employees from doing what they wanted and purchasing whatever they needed. It wasn’t because IT admins didn’t want to enable their coworkers, however. Rather, their management tools struggled to connect beyond Microsoft® Windows® based solutions. So, as a result, IT admins mandated Windows-based solutions so they could manage them and keep the organization secure.

That was then. Modern IT organizations are vastly different. Today, IT has been shifted into a role that places them as strategic partners in the building of the business, and this is not just a title change. In fact, Gartner expects spending on (Read more...)

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