How RSA?s Acquisition of Fortscale Acts as a Force Multiplier for the SOC and IAM Teams

Ask any CISO about the jobs they must get right and they’ll broadly talk about two: keeping the bad guys out – the responsibility of the Security Operations Center (SOC), and letting the good guys in – the responsibility of the Identity and Access Management (IAM) team.  For years, I’ve believed that these two jobs aren’t different processes, but really are two sides of the same coin tied together by identity.  You see, almost every breach consists of the takeover of user credentials so that hackers can gain easy access to critical resources.

Therefore, both the SOC and IAM team each have a critical role to play in thwarting a breach.  The SOC must be able to detect suspicious user activity and stop the hackers before they steal critical information.  The job of the IAM team is to prove that users are who they claim to be and deny access if they’re acting suspiciously. Therefore, with the right insights into identity, the SOC and IAM teams become heroes in protecting the enterprise. As part of RSA’s product vision, we believe the way to connect the SOC and IAM disciplines is with User & Entity Behavioral Analytics (UEBA) – a capability that benefits both functions by baselining user behavior and providing insight when anomalies occur.

Based on these concepts, today marks a very important day for our customers, as we accelerate the execution of the RSA® Business-Driven Security™ strategy.  With the acquisition of Fortscale, we (Read more...)

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