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There’s no doubt that Mac® laptops and desktops are incredibly popular today. Considering where they were 20+ years ago, they’ve made quite a significant jump. Regardless of where they came from, we now know that Macs are a core part of an IT organization’s network infrastructure everywhere. This change wasn’t without a fight, however. Microsoft® wasn’t fond of the emergence of a competitor, and they have been doing everything in their power to slow it. What this means for IT admins is that they have to deal with the challenges Microsoft sets up to discourage Mac use. But no matter what Microsoft does, the end users preference eventually wins out, and that is what we are seeing today.

The big challenge that IT admins are encountering today is handling the management of Macs. Fortunately, a next-generation hosted Mac management solution is helping make it easier than ever to control and manage Mac users and systems. Before we get into the new solution, however, let’s examine why it is needed in the first place.

Historic Solutions to Mac Challenges

Traditionally, Macs have either been left unmanaged or siloed outside of the core directory. This wasn’t because IT didn’t want to manage them or centralize them, but rather because the IT management tools hadn’t been as integrated or easy to obtain. These methods of management, or lack of management, are far from ideal, and IT admins know it. But, they haven’t had much of a choice. Historically, each platform has had its own IT management tools. For example, Microsoft Windows® has had Active Directory® and SCCM, and Apple® has had tools like Open Directory and Mac-centric management tools.

IT organizations don’t want to purchase multiple tools to manage their infrastructure. They could easily end up having four or five solutions to keep the environment together if they are leveraging Windows, Mac, and Linux® systems. Add in web applications, cloud infrastructure, file servers and storage, WiFi networks, and much more, and the number of tools starts to increase quickly. The more solutions in place, the more work, (Read more...)

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