Enterprise IT solutions company ramps up managed services business using Managed Workplace

The Company

In 1995, Leslie Powell founded Mark III Systems. Twenty-three years later, her company has grown into a large, multi-disciplinary solutions provider serving enterprises and small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) worldwide. Mark III provides full stack enterprise-class servers, storage, networking products, and managed services. The company’s dedication to each customer’s specialized requirements has resulted in strong, ongoing relationships with nearly every customer with whom they have worked since inception.

“We follow our customers’ needs,” explains Chris Bogan, Alliances and Business Development. “Our customer requirements drive how we grow, reshape, and transform our business.”

The Challenge

To best address security issues and needs before they arise, Chris and his team need full visibility into their customers’ IT environments, while at the same time the ability to manage a growing number of disparate systems, applications, and end user devices. This became even more critical when Mark III Systems began a new line of business dedicated to machine learning and end-user experience that included managed services.  

“Many of our customers have applications that they have built or modified, and these all have different dependencies and policies,” comments Chris. “We need the continual ability to look at the customer as a whole – what are the users doing, when are applications being used, what happens to the network at different times of the day, and many other factors – and then determine how best to manage and automate delivery of our managed services to protect their businesses.”

The Solution

While not initially looking for a remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution, that soon changed for the Mark III Systems team. Says Chris, “We literally tripped over Avast Business Managed Workplace at an Ingram Cloud event, and we immediately saw its potential for our user base. We don’t sell anything until our engineers sign on, so after our team thoroughly tested it for 6-9 months, we were happy with the results and started deploying it.”

An AVG-Avast partner now for the past two years, Mark III Systems is using Managed Workplace to set, enforce, and report on policy management for all applications on their customers’ end user networks. The team relies on Managed Workplace for remote management, automation, customization, report generation, and policy management and enforcement.

“Managed Workplace is more holistic than other tools,” praises Chris. “For example, we can immediately see all iPhone and Android devices, laptops, networks, servers, and storage. We can see any holes in security or networking, and also pinpoint applications that are misbehaving or users who are. Managed Workplace does a much better job of finding all of these things. We depend on Managed Workplace to give us the whole picture.”

“We also use Managed Workplace for our user experience workshops and can run these remotely. We host these for any of our customers’ end users and can quickly identify areas of improvement through the solution’s assessment, monitoring, and reporting capabilities.”

The Results

According to Chris, his team is working more proactively and efficiently using Managed Workplace. “Using Managed Workplace, we can deliver the highest level of service, protect businesses and increase customer satisfaction. We are also enabling end users to do their job — not fight with technology.”  

Chris says his team have realized these benefits, thanks to Avast Business Managed Workplace:

  • Reduced number of customer support calls, saving the engineering team about 100 hours each week
  • Secured four new customers in 2017 and added new functionality for four existing customers
  • Gained a more holistic approach to security assessment, monitoring and management

Chris adds, “Most of our accounts have come from being able to show end users a snapshot of their environments. We have access to additional Managed Workplace licenses and can use these to provide a full picture to prospects.”

With Managed Workplace, Mark III Systems unlocked new efficiencies and functionalities, which has landed new customers. To give your company the Avast Business Managed Workplace boost, download a free trial today and experience the ease of providing managed services.

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