Cylance Endpoint Security for SMBs

Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) represent a unique set of challenges to cybersecurity providers. While enterprises often have a dedicated team and an executive in charge of securing endpoints and the data on those endpoints, IT administrators of SMBs wear many hats.

As such, enterprise solutions do not always serve SMBs effectively. To effectively serve this segment, the security provider needs to understand what motivates an SMB to act.

Psychographics are also different among SMB IT administrators. Whereas enterprise IT admins are often focused on optimization and advanced security practices, SMBs tend to favor options that provide maximum benefit for minimum budgetary impact and can be very cost conscious, choosing ‘good enough’ security measures that meet the minimum criteria to preserve business continuity.

The reason for this and other behaviors is simple: often an SMB lacks discretionary budget, security expertise, and the scale to deploy and manage complex security measures that are more common in enterprises.

See the Full SMB Risk Infographic Here

SMBs Are Resource Constrained: According to the 2017 Verizon DBIR, “Over three-quarters of… victims are small businesses and may not have dedicated security staff and/or processes. The data-loss numbers can be massive, but they are (typically) considered less sensitive than regulated data varieties (e.g., Payment Card Information, Protected Health Information). The site administrators may not be as concerned about disclosure of usernames and passwords, and it may be easier for them to notify and force password changes than to implement two-factor authentication, conduct penetration testing, or ensure the Content Management Platform is up to date.”

SMBs Lack Cybersecurity Expertise: Attackers often target the SMB: “For SMBs, there’s a 90% likelihood of a single data breach costing more than $200,000, and a 10% likelihood of a single data breach costing more than $450,000, (Read more...)

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