Consumer Security: What Are They Experiencing?

While you may be an information security guru, you are also a consumer. So does your knowledge and experience transfer to your family, both immediate and extended?

Furthermore, not all who work within the cybersecurity industry are knowledgeable about the “why” behind the processes or technologies they use in their professional instance, thus it doesn’t always translate to their personal lives.

And of course, we as humans often, perhaps far too often, act like water and take the least path of resistance as we place ourselves into the various online streams of commerce, social networks and information sharing. We may be the sharpest knife in the drawer at work, but our families, friends and acquaintances aren’t using the tools we have at work, or are engaging with vendors with little or no security acumen, and as such are being left exposed.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the government entity charged with protecting America’s consumers. In early March, they published the Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book 2017, which reveals the various problems consumers are having in the market place.

To be clear, the report covers what is being reported; it is not a comprehensive data store of what has occurred. Indeed, one should extrapolate that the reporting is but a sliver of what is actually occurring. What is interesting within the report is that the top three categories which are affecting consumers are identity theft, debt collection and imposter scams.

FTC’s acting director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, Tom Pahl, discussed the data book during a conference call on 1st March 2018, during which he highlighted what he considered the positive effect the awareness message is having with consumers, as they deflect the advances of the technology criminal.

Thus, there is a noted uptick in the number (Read more...)

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Christopher Burgess

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