Axiom Alliance Program Extends AI Based Security to Network and Cloud

Cylance is pleased to announce the Cylance Axiom Alliance Program, which consists of more than 12 technology providers, each leveraging Cylance’s threat identification, management and prevention APIs directly within their solutions to save time spent detecting and responding to security incidents for their customers.

As a combined next-generation reference architecture, the response time is reduced to a fraction of a second and the customer gains insight across the entire architecture.

“Detecting anomalous behaviors and actively preventing attacks are now operating realities that require accurate, real-time detection,” said Didi Dayton, Vice President of Worldwide Channels and Alliances at Cylance.

“At Cylance, we operate like every day is day zero. Our best-in-class partners can now integrate CylancePROTECT® directly into their platforms to enable their customers to understand what is happening inside their systems quickly and seamlessly, for immediate action and containment.”

At a time when organizations face a shortage of cybersecurity talent, a growing volume of attacks, and a seemingly infinite quantity of signals to monitor, it is more difficult than ever to prioritize and take action on cyber threats.

Members of the Cylance Axiom Alliance Program — Bitglass, Centrify, Demisto, Digital Shadows, Duo Security, JASK, LogRhythm, Lookout, Netskope, ProtectWise, Splunk, Twistlock and Zimperium — can now leverage Cylance APIs to uncover emerging threats in real-time, from within their existing systems.

Leveraging APIs, the Axiom program creates a 360-degree threat view for customers and expands Cylance’s prevention capabilities to IoT, cloud and on-premises environments.

By integrating Cylance into their systems through the API, customers get a single source of truth — an axiom — and clear response prioritization for the endpoint threats they face, all surfaced through Cylance’s predictive algorithms.

The dramatic increase in accuracy and reduction in the number of incidents to query enables already overburdened cybersecurity personnel to (Read more...)

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