Akamai and Duo have announced a technology partnership for Zero Trust

Akamai continues to build a zero trust ecosystem by integrating it’s Enterprise Application Access (EAA) with Duo’s Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution. Duo now natively integrates into EAA and augments access with push-based MFA, phone call delivery of MFA tokens, and additional device level checking. With the joint Akamai-Duo solution, organizations can begin adopting a zero trust security model. They can reduce dependencies on the network perimeter for access and enforce strong authentication and authorization for all users and devices, thereby preventing attackers with stolen credentials or devices with a weak security posture from accessing applications. 

This combined technology solution also gives organizations a remote access VPN alternative, allowing them to evolve to shifting styles and habits of today’s workforce. Through this partnership, every time a user tries to access an application delivered by Akamai’s Enterprise Application Access, Duo verifies the trust of the user and the device in real-time.


Administrators can invoke Duo for MFA when users try to access an application delivered by EAA, with the EAA user login portal acts as a Service Provider. Like a web application integrated with Duo, the application decides when to challenge a user authentication with MFA and makes an API call to Duo to perform the MFA challenge.  Duo responds back to EAA with success or failure of the challenge. 

Even the largest enterprises can onboard new users–in minutes instead of days or weeks–giving them secure access to only the applications they need to do their job with authentication based on the trustworthiness of users and devices. 

If you are interested in learning more on how to easily enable 2FA/MFA for all applications, check out Enterprise Application Access.

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