Women Sales Engineers: More Than a Statistical Anomaly

Ask any recruiter to find you a security sales engineer and they’ll begin the depressing task of calling all the same engineers in town that have already been called by two other recruiting firms for the same position.

But ask them to find you a security sales engineer that is a woman, they’ll likely just laugh. Perhaps they’ll suggest you seek professional help. I’m not saying we don’t exist, I mean I think, therefore I am? Possibly. But in my decade as a sales engineer in security, I’ve met three other women in the same role, out of hundreds and hundreds of sales engineers.

While it’s anecdotal at best, I’ll assert that about 1% of security sales engineers are women. I don’t know that anyone has bothered to track it because we’re so rare, we’re more like a statistical anomaly than a measurable thing.

It makes sense of course, that a career born from the intersection of STEM, politics, sales, travel, and security, wouldn’t necessarily be a place that a lot of women end up. But why so few?

To put it in perspective, over 20% of all STEM jobs in the US are held by women. I’ll skip the part where we discuss getting girls interested in STEM. It’s the other aspects of this role that need to be looked at: sales engineering isn’t a career the attracts women, and it’s a shame because we are really good at it.

Paths to a Career in Sales Engineering

Outside of the STEM element, I believe there are three main aspects that keep women away from being a sales engineer – and all of them have the potential to be improved by employers in some way.

The first is the entry track. When I spoke to other women about this (Read more...)

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