What is Google Cloud Directory Sync?

google cloud directory sync

What is Google Cloud Directory Sync (GCDS)? Well, in short, it’s really just the new name for a tool we all know very well: Google Apps Directory Sync (GADS). Still, the name change does foretell Google’s designs on the identity management space. We’ll talk about the future of the identity management space in this blog, but first, we should discuss what GADS is all about.

What is GADS?

Google Cloud Identity Management

For many years, GADS has existed as an identity bridge used to sync Google Apps (now called G Suite) with on-prem directory services platforms like Microsoft® Active Directory® (AD) and/or OpenLDAP. Hence, the original name: Google Apps Directory Sync.

Why is GADS important?

GADS has been an important tool to help organizations move to the cloud. Many IT organizations have wanted to move their IT infrastructure to the cloud, but don’t know how or what steps to take. Google’s cloud productivity platform, G Suite, was one of the first major solutions to help organizations move to the cloud in a systematic way.

G Suite eliminated a number of core IT solutions on-prem, such as Microsoft Office® for productivity applications, Exchange® for email, and Windows File Server® for file storage. G Suite was a significant step up for IT organizations as it gave them a direct roadmap on how to move core pieces of infrastructure to the cloud and what to leave behind.

However, one of the key tools that stayed on-prem was Active Directory – the core identity provider for an organization. Google was already taking on the behemoth in the space with Exchange and Office, the last thing that they wanted to do was to attack another entrenched solution like AD.

Instead, Google created GADS (now GCDS) as the bridge between AD and G Suite. In doing so, IT admins would still create, manage, and delete users within Active Directory, but those changes would also be reflected in G Suite.

Why the name change?

For one, as previously noted, Google has changed the name of their productivity platform from Google (Read more...)

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