What Infosec Can Learn from Pro Sports

Have you ever given thought to how Information Security (Infosec) teams might benefit from a pro-sports mentality? No, not the mega-wages (though that would be nice), more along the lines of always trying to improve the team’s performance through improved strategy, processes and personnel.

Who can forget the 2002 Oakland Athletics? The A’s general manager, Billy Beane, changed his strategy, processes and personnel in an effort to make the A’s more competitive. Beane hired Peter Brand away from the Cleveland Indians and implements Brand’s “sabermetric” (measuring in-game activity) means to scout players and begins assembling players who collectively will give the team the best chance of success over the long term.

Fast forward a couple of years, and we see the Boston Red Sox win the World Series after implementing the Beane/Brand approach. 

The same can be said for other professional sports. The Golden State Warriors (coincidentally located in Oakland) won the NBA championship in 2014-15 and had the league’s MVP on their roster, Stephen Curry II. The team’s roster was deep and strong, yet in 2016, they made a move to make them even more competitive, and brought in Kevin Durant, a player who was a contender for MVP honors in his own right.

That move caused a member of the championship team to be deleted from the roster, but made the Golden State Warriors even more formidable, as evidence by their 2017 NBA championship more successful.

Putting the Best Player on the Field

These sports and others draft young talent and trade and haggle over existing talent all the time. All with the goal of putting the best available player on the field or in the game in order to be successful and win. Shouldn’t infosec teams be built with the same mentality?

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Christopher Burgess

Christopher Burgess

Christopher Burgess (@burgessct) is a writer, speaker and commentator on security issues. He is a former Senior Security Advisor to Cisco and served 30+ years within the CIA which awarded him the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal upon his retirement. Christopher co-authored the book, “Secrets Stolen, Fortunes Lost, Preventing Intellectual Property Theft and Economic Espionage in the 21st Century”. He also founded the non-profit: Senior Online Safety.

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