What are the Features of Cloud IAM?

Identity and access management (IAM) has been a foundational part of IT for nearly two decades now. The world of IT has experienced dramatic changes during that time, yet legacy IAM solutions haven’t changed to match. Conventional IAM has long been dominated by Microsoft’s ® Active Directory ® platform, and due to its near-monopoly in the market, no one challenged it. But the evolution of enterprise IT has pushed the limitations of the on-prem Microsoft-centric directory, and admins are raring for a change. This is where the new Cloud IAM directory comes into play. But what are the features of Cloud IAM? Let’s start by defining Cloud IAM as a whole.

What is a Cloud IAM Directory?

As the world continues to shift away from on-prem and Microsoft-based infrastructure, the only way that IT will be able to keep up with it is if they shift their IAM platform as well. Active Directory is only efficient at managing a percentage of modern IT infrastructure, and it requires multiple third party solutions to fully control the rest. This complexity and expense is the last thing that admins want to deal with, and a modern cloud IAM solution aims to solve just that. In short, a cloud IAM directory can connect users to all of the IT resources that they need, regardless of their platform, protocol, location, or provider. This means whether a user needs access to systems (Mac, Windows, Linux), wired or WiFi networks (via RADIUS), cloud or on-prem storage (Samba, NAS, Dropbox, etc.), web or local applications (SAML, LDAP), or virtual or physical servers, the cloud IAM directory has the admins covered.

With JumpCloud ® Directory-as-a-Service ®, that’s exactly what you get.

Features of Cloud IAM

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