Unified Access Management for Systems

unified access management systems

Is there a solution that offers unified access management for systems such as Microsoft® Windows®, Linux®, and Mac®, regardless of if they are located on-prem or in the cloud? The short answer is yes – there is a modern cloud directory service that can not only manage access to systems, but to applications, files, and networks too. The longer answer is that the identity and access management (IAM) market has been searching for a unified access management solution that can securely manage and connect users to the IT resources they need, including systems, for a long time now. We’ll discuss the reasons why this is the case, but before we do that, we should outline what unified access management means.

What Does Unified Access Management Mean?

Unified access management is a new term that is generally used to describe the fact that modern user identities are no longer all on-prem, and they are not yet solely in the cloud. Rather, modern user identities are an integration of the two. Generally, this results in IT admins having to manage user identities in two places, if not more.

Historically, this wasn’t an issue because the majority of organization’s had their entire IT landscape made up of on-prem Windows systems and applications. Along with Microsoft Active Directory® (AD), the domain controller would help authenticate and authorize access to the entire Windows network. In other words, all IT admins had to do was implement AD on-prem and, voila, you had unified access to your IT resources from one identity.

Of course, we all realize that with the massive changes in the IT landscape, that is no longer possible. For example, Mac and Linux machines are quite popular on-prem. Linux servers have also become the go-to platform in cloud infrastructure environments such as AWS®. Web applications have complemented on-prem applications. Windows File Servers are being replaced by cloud storage, Samba file servers, and NAS appliances. Office 365 and G Suite have replaced on-prem email and productivity platforms. All of these changes and more have (Read more...)

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