Given a surge in digital threats like ransomware, it is no surprise that the field of information security is booming. Cybersecurity Ventures estimates that there will be 3.5 million job openings across the industry by 2021. Around that same time, the digital economy research firm forecasted that global digital security spending would exceed one trillion dollars.

Such growth makes information security an exciting and lucrative career choice. But the industry’s expansiveness complicates the process of selecting a career path. This complexity reaches all the way down to aspiring security professionals looking to get their first certification.

To make it easier for aspiring security professionals, here are 10 of the top highest-paying infosec jobs based on overall pay grade.

#10: Forensic Computer Analyst

A Forensic Computer Analyst gathers evidence off computers, networks and other data storage devices in order to investigate instances of digital crime.

These individuals commonly work closely with law enforcement agencies to compile evidence for legal cases, draft technical reports or offer expert testimony in trial and train officers in computer evidence tactics. Those wanting to pursue this career path must be familiar with several programming languages and operating systems as well as with cryptography principles, eDiscovery tools and forensics software.

Forensic Computer Analysts make a median salary of $71,772. They can expect to earn at least $47K, according to PayScale. However, given the possibility of commissions, tips and overtime, they can make as much as $117K.

#9: Information Security Specialist

An Information Security Specialist is an entry- to mid-level employee whose job functions help strengthen the security of an organization.

Oftentimes, Information Security Specialists are required to analyze the security requirements of an organization’s systems, install and configure security solutions on corporate networks, perform vulnerability testing and help train fellow employees in security awareness. Individuals who (Read more...)