The Case for Chromebooks

Google Chromebooks running Google’s Chrome OS software have pretty quickly become a favorite for security folks due to the focus on “useable security.” Because the laptops are more affordable and have much less of an attack surface than traditional machines running Mac, Windows, or Linux operating systems, many practitioners in the cybersecurity field use Chromebooks as their travel machine, to take to conferences and events.

Since Chromebooks are stripped down and don’t include any of the built-in bloatware found in other machines, there are fewer holes and gaps for malicious attackers to exploit to get into your machine and at your private data. Security practitioners also praise the Chromebook for its default security settings, which place less onus on the user to configure settings to make them as secure as possible.

Beyond the cybersecurity world, CNET highlighted the prevalence of Chromebook use in educational institutions: 

“Nearly three out of every five machines used in schools run the Chrome OS, according to researcher Futuresource Consulting.”

Part of that is due to the affordability of the machines, of course, but the security of the machines also plays a role. Without the ability to download games, music, and other junk, students are much more secure against unknowingly giving an attacker access to their machine.  

Can a Chromebook replace your daily machine? It depends a lot on what you do on your computer. The stripped-down aspect that makes Chromebooks more secure also can make them less capable of doing some of the tasks you’re used to tackling on a traditional laptop running the Mac or Windows OS.

The usability of the Chromebook relies on the fact that we now primarily interact with applications via browsers, which is a shift from how traditional OS systems were built, back when applications were installed (Read more...)

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