Sacré Bleu! Tamper Proof Cryptocash Wallet Tampered With…

What does Savoir-Faire the French-Canadian Mouse have to do with hardware that ‘cannot be tampered with’? Quite a bit, as a matter of fact. What follows is a tale of extreme arrogance exhibited by a hardware manufacturer, and the nearly overwhelming Savoir-Faire displayed by a fifteen year old child in possession of a blisteringly precise and keen intellect. Enjoy.

Dan Goodin, writing (as is his wont) at Ars Technica, regales us with his illustrious prose that tells the tale of hardware hubris, this time in the guise of a cryptocurrency wallet device and the CEO of the company that created the dingus, add in a feisty 15 year-old security researcher that will not give up and you’ll get Today’s (I don’t mind saying) MustRead!

‘On Tuesday, a 15-year-old from the UK proved these claims wrong. In a post published to his personal blog, Saleem Rashid demonstrated proof-of-concept code that had allowed him to backdoor the Ledger Nano S, a $100 hardware wallet that company marketers have said has sold by the millions. The stealth backdoor Rashid developed is a minuscule 300-bytes long…’ – via Dan Goodin, writing at Ars Technica

(Savoir-Faire is a Francophone noun-phrase describing adaptability and adroitness (the notion of rightness), essentially, having the innate knowledge of behavior, situationally. – as paraphrased from Wkipedia. Savoir-Faire is also the name of a brilliant (and insightful) mouse from Klondike Cat cartoons of Tennessee Tuxedo fame). There, I have reminded you of two things you probably already new. You are now equipped to carry-on – quite smartly indeed – with your day.


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