Mac® Management in the Cloud

Mac Management in the Cloud

Is there a solution for Mac ® management in the cloud? The short answer is yes. Take a look at JumpCloud ® Directory-as-a-Service ®, a cloud directory that not only lets you manage your Mac fleet, but also the users that access them.

If you are interested in a more in-depth answer surrounding Mac management in the cloud, and the need for it in the modern enterprise, then this blog post will do just that. There is a next generation cloud-based IT management tool that is making life much easier for IT admins. This SaaS-based solution is solving major IT problems, but without the heavy cost of hardware, software, implementation, or ongoing management. As a result, the historical lack of Mac solutions is beginning to wane.

A Lack of Mac Solutions

The modern IT environment is very different than what it was even just a few years ago. Microsoft ® Windows ® machines and applications dominated the IT network back then, and that control lasted for decades. This is why a whole ecosystem of Windows-focused IT management tools were created. Microsoft led the way with Active Directory ® and SMS (now called SCCM), and they have held that lead for a long time.

But, over time, the IT landscape started to change. Mac and Linux ® systems started to replace Windows desktops, laptops, and servers. Web applications became the norm, and data centers were abandoned in favor of AWS ® or Google Cloud Platform. Windows File Servers gave way to cloud solutions like Box, Google Drive ®, and Dropbox, or more cost-effective on-prem alternatives such as Samba file servers and NAS appliances.

All of these changes put tremendous stress on the existing IT management tools, with Active Directory being a prime example. These on-prem directories just couldn’t keep up with all of the changes. Some, like AD, even refused to adapt out of a desire to stifle the change. As a result, IT became much more difficult and complex. Macs were left largely unmanaged, web applications and AWS looked a lot like shadow (Read more...)

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