Disabling Guest Accounts on Macs

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Mac security is a hot topic in the world of IT. Some admins like to implement Macs in their environment, and some admins want nothing to do with them. Part of this is because of the management options. The tools to manage Mac systems in the enterprise have been very limited in the past, and that can lead to security risks with the machines. Fortunately, that isn’t the case anymore. JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service® is built to manage Mac systems (as well as Windows and Linux), so you can deal with the security risks of Macs with ease. In this post, we will demonstrate how easy it can be to mitigate a security risk on Mac.

Guest Accounts on Mac

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One of these risks that used to be an issue with Mac was the option for guest accounts. When created, guest accounts can enable a user to login to the machine without a password, or even an account. This presents a huge risk for IT. With this feature, it opens up the ability for a user to sign in to a guest account and execute malicious code on the machine or fill-up the disk with unwanted files. Both of these can lead to problems down the road.

For most corporate environments (and we’d argue personal ones as well), there really is no need to have a guest account. If somebody needs to use a machine, they should use their own or their smart phone, not yours. If someone happens to come across a machine that isn’t theirs and they want to gain access, guest accounts are a potential vector for them to get in. Once they get in, all the malicious user needs to do is run code in the shared part of the drive to compromise the machine. Just like that, your company is compromised.

So, it’s clear why it is important to have control over this feature in the enterprise environment. What is the best way to go about making this restriction?

How to Mitigate the Guest Accounts Risk

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There is a simple way to prevent this security (Read more...)

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