Customer Thoughts On JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service®

Customer Thoughts on JumpCloud Directory as a Service

At JumpCloud®, our mission isn’t just to be the best cloud-based directory service. Our mission is to be the best directory service, bar none. We asked current JumpCloud customers to share their thoughts on how we’re doing in achieving this goal with our Directory-as-a-Service® platform. The result are in – and we’ve organized the JumpCloud customer thoughts into seven categories below:

Customers Using JumpCloud’s Core Directory Services:


  • “I sleep better at night because of JumpCloud. Plain and simple. Plus, not having to worry about the need for additional hardware for AD frees me up to focus on other aspects of my business.” – Larry G, EAGray, Los Angeles CA
  • “I use JumpCloud in the business and at home, and the power of the product is great. With it, I can put together all kinds of scenarios to fit my needs.” – Dustin Grider, Owner of KGB Concepts
  • “I like the ease of use of JumpCloud, and the way that it works everywhere.” – Ted Streit, VP of Operations at Gaddy Engineering Company
  • “Compared to adding a computer to the domain and then adding the user in AD, it’s much easier and faster to add users in JumpCloud!” – Josh Amyx, Director of IT, HR, and Marketing at IMAC RC
  • “Having a flexible SaaS directory in the cloud like JumpCloud is brilliant, as it allows me to manage identities on and off the network. I love the seamless handoff from AD, and how well you integrate with other identity systems!” – Dan Dorato-Hankins, CTO at Vector Media

To learn more about JumpCloud’s core capabilities as a directory, check out our Cloud IAM Protocols and Architecture whiteboard video. It details out how the DaaS platform is able to connect to all of your IT resources.

Customers Using JumpCloud’s User Management:

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  • “I love how easy JumpCloud makes it to manage remote workers. I no longer need employees to re-connect to the domain to push out changes!” – Nikki Frederick, Systems Admin at Livio Health Group
  • “JumpCloud allowed us (Read more...)

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