Cloud Identity Management Competitors

Cloud Identity Management Competitors

There’s a new hot market in the identity and access management (IAM) space, and it is generating a great deal of interest from a variety of players. The cloud identity management competitors span from up and coming startups to the largest tech companies in the world, and the attraction to the market is easy to see There’s no doubt that whomever owns this market will generate tremendous value.

Before we dig into some of the players in the cloud identity management market, we should step back and give some context to the IAM space.

The Origins of the IAM Market

The identity management market really kicked off when Tim Howes and his colleagues at the University of Michigan created the Lightweight Directory Authentication Protocol (LDAP). This subsequently catalyzed two major innovations: Microsoft® Active Directory® and OpenLDAP. These two directory services would become the core of many IT organization’s IAM approach.

In fact, for many years, you could say that Active Directory was synonymous with identity management since it owned the market. But, as the IT landscape started to shift with web applications, cloud infrastructure from AWS®, Mac® and Linux® desktops and laptops, Samba file servers and NAS appliances, WiFi, and more, AD started to struggle.

The result was that vendors tried to ‘patch’ AD with new solutions like web application single sign-on. The idea was that Active Directory would remain the authoritative identity provider, and other IAM solutions would federate those identities out to non-Windows and cloud IT resources. This solution worked for a while, but web app SSO providers come with an additional cost – financially and timewise.

IT Moves to Cloud Identity Management

Then, IT admins started to realize that only a small percentage of their network was Windows® and on-prem. So, they started to search for a different approach to identity and access management. That approach turned out to be cloud identity management.

Of course, like any hot market, many IT vendors are claiming that their solution is a cloud identity management platform. But IT admins are looking for (Read more...)

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