Best OneLogin Alternatives for Startups

best OneLogin alternatives

Startups are aggressively leveraging technology to help keep their operations streamlined and their costs low. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that startups are taking advantage of web-based applications and the predictable low costs that come with these subscription-based products. As these SaaS applications flood a startup’s IT environment, one area that often interests them is the web application single sign-on (SSO) market. It is an important identity management tool for IT admins, and one of the players in the space that is often discussed is OneLogin. A question that we frequently hear from IT admins is, “What are the best OneLogin alternatives for startups?”

Luckily, there are some great OneLogin alternatives that can do more for a startup’s IT environment than just web application SSO. Before we take a look at those though, let’s discuss why OneLogin is an SSO solution, but not necessarily an identity management tool for startups.

Considering OneLogin Alternatives for Startups

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Startups are looking for OneLogin alternatives because even though they may be a top web-app SSO provider, it doesn’t necessarily mean they meet the unique needs of a startup. Startups are often tight on cash and resources, yet, they want to leverage technology to keep their employees operating at a fast pace. A web application SSO provider is often the solution they look into because many of their tools tend to be web applications. With a web app SSO solution, IT admins can have more control and security, while simultaneously making life easier for their employees. The challenge is that web app SSO solutions can get pricey, and most solutions only cover a portion of what IT organizations ultimately need.

There’s More to a Startup’s IT Environment than Web Apps

web application sso

As startups grow, their identity management needs to expand, too. Many startups need to control access to systems (Windows®, Mac®, and Linux®), cloud and on-prem servers, on-prem applications, virtual and local storage such as Samba file servers and NAS appliances, and wired and WiFi networks. All of these IT resources need (Read more...)

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