Wisdom, AI, Intelligence and Being Left of Bang

When we say #ThinkBeyond, what we really mean is: Think anew. Outside of the box. From a new angle. From a new perspective. From a new hope and conviction. It means no longer allowing this self-perpetuating industry, the noisy vendor space, and the brutal media, from closing our minds and resigning us to phrases like this:

•    “Prevention is Dead”
•    “It’s a matter of when, not if”
•    “The best way to address the ransomware plague is to make sure you have good backups”
•    “The vulnerable end-user is the problem, we must train them to not click things”
•    “You need more alerts, more events, more visibility, more IOCs, more static signatures, more intelligence to be able to find the threats that have already compromised your environment”

The irony of the word ‘intelligence’ in our industry is that it has come to mean an empty set of quickly expiring, low-confidence, weakly-attributed, slow-to-operationalize, cloud-dependent, noise. Even so, it has become a virtual currency between C-level intelligence communities, traded almost like challenge coins, in a quid-pro-quo manner.

This dynamic defeats the whole purpose of ‘intelligence’ to begin with, much like when monetized search results killed the dream of free information for the world during the early 2000’s. What we need to do in the industry is to shift focus to a different kind of intelligence that has wisdom as its goal.

Wisdom is the ability to see through the noise and understand the core problems we face as leaders in an organization. Wisdom is also the ability to truly democratize intelligence. By the end of this blog I hope to convey nothing if not the simple notion that in the year 2018, Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides us with a new hope, and allows us to disrupt this (Read more...)

This is a Security Bloggers Network syndicated blog post authored by Scott Scheferman. Read the original post at: Cylance Blog