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Following the transformation of the IT industry can be rather complex. Over the course of the last two decades there have been some significant changes in the IT landscape, and these changes have forced new approaches and ways of thinking for organizations. One of the most significant changes we have seen is the maturation of the world wide web and the advent of the cloud. The benefits of the cloud are immense, improving the efficiency and productivity of companies worldwide. However, the cloud is also causing organizations to restructure their entire IT infrastructure, and it has many admins dealing with new challenges to maintain control. Ensuring that a user’s identity can be kept in check in the cloud is one of these important new challenges. The need to control web-based IT resources is one of the main reasons a new concept is emerging: the web IdP (identity provider) The concept of a web IdP is a critical area to explore because not only is it able to help address the security challenge of the cloud, but it also is able to help improve identity management as a whole in the modern age of IT.

Why it’s Time to Move Away from the On-Prem IdP

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No matter how your IT Infrastructure is set up, at the heart of it is the identity provider. Managing who has access to what IT resources is one of the most fundamental responsibilities of an IT admin. When looking at the past two decades, this function has most commonly been handled by Microsoft® Active Directory® (AD). Using AD made a lot of sense in the early 2000s because virtually everything was Microsoft based and located on-prem. This type of environment is exactly what AD was built for, and for a while it did everything admins needed. Unfortunately, AD’s functionality has not kept up with the changing state of IT.

The challenges with using a legacy, on-prem IdP started to appear within the last decade, and they all revolved around the many changes occuring in the IT environment. IT organizations started moving to solutions (Read more...)

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