Vive Le Serverlessconf France

Last week, just before the weekend, I had the pleasure to visit Paris for Serverlessconf.  It was the perfect setting for the conference, and even the cold weather didn’t bother us, serverless groupies, to enjoy the great content and company at the conference. Between the Madeleines and the Macaroons I managed to attend some in-depth sessions, and wanted to share the 3 main takeaways I got from them:

  1. Yan Cui gave a fantastic presentation which on its own was worth coming all the way from Tel Aviv. It is genuinely a must-watch, so stay tuned as it will be uploaded to YouTube soon. In the meantime, here are the presentation slides: .

    Yan not only gave an amazing talk describing what serverless observability is, what can be done today and what are the problems – he also invented a new genre of conference talks, in which a customer lists on stage, what are the exact product requirements they have from potential vendors. Yan presented a full-fledged PRD (product requirements document) explaining what is the exact user-flow, and even provided a  UI/UX for the ultimate future serverless observability product – it was amazing and inspiring, and I encourage our customers to provide us with a full PRD as well 🙂

  2. New vendors – tools are a core requirement for serverless adoption to keep growing massively and become mainstream. It was exciting to see so many new startups entering this space – I’ve seen 2 different serverless monitoring startups which didn’t exist 6 month ago
  3. French serverless community – something is happening there! I had no idea that France has such a great serverless community and was pleasantly surprised to realize it’s growing so fast. I am looking forward to see what the known french passion would bring to the serverless community.

Thank you D2SI for arranging such an amazing conference, I’m looking forward to the next ones.

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