Understanding the Main Technologies for Application Security in 2018

Get the skinny on how to keep your apps safe in the year ahead, utilizing the best strategies and tools available

If you want to assess how an organization understands its security, then you have to follow the money trail.

How are they spending their hard earned cash in order to keep their products and data safe? Slowly but surely, there is a growing understanding that application security is paramount to data security, and that failures to take the proper steps in protecting customer data can have some very real world consequences.

Application security skills are among the biggest recipients of spending in the SANS report for 2016 as organizations have started taking the issue of application security more seriously. However, technologies aimed at safeguarding the development and lifecycle of apps were not nearly as lucky, coming in at the number 14 spot out of 21 areas of security spending.

Leading the pack in the technology spending according to the respondents in the study were network-focused solutions that deal with aspects like access and authentication, advanced malware protection, and other tools for addressing visibility and control. It is easy to understand that plenty of folks would be concerned about keeping the bad guys from simply logging in, using compromised credentials or other methods to simply walk in and steal the goods.

However, the statistics concerning where the majority of breaches come from tell us a different story. In 2015, Tim Clark of SAP wrote in Forbes that 84% of cyber attacks occur on the application layer, raising questions over the emphasis that has been given to other areas like network security that receive the bulk of spending.

Is it perhaps time to reconsider how and where we spend our budgets to actually meet our security requirements? If we are going (Read more...)

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